What’s in your handbag Clare Haxby?


Hello, I’m thrilled to have Clare Haxby with me again today sharing what an artist carries in her rather delightful Kate Spade handbag!

If you missed our ‘Inspirational Woman of the Week’ Q&A on Monday, I urge you to catch up with this fabulous lady here.


Clare is a  Fine Artist and Designer based in Surrey/London who lived in Singapore for 8 years till the summer of 2015.  After many creative successes in her career, her art studio was put on the map after a solo show of her architectural paintings at The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore.  Clare, now back in London, has just finished her first painting in my new series ‘London Landmarks’ of the Iconic ‘Liberty of London’ Building – which I covet and couldn’t help but share another picture of!  Clare, also a textile designer, has plans for a ‘Clare Haxby Designs’ textiles collection.


Today Clare is going to share what she carries from day to day in her handbag, I love this part of the week, it shows a side to our inspiring women that we wouldn’t otherwise get to see!

Over to you Clare:


1 – Windsor Newton – mini watercolour palette & mini paintbrush  for quick ideas sketches when I’m out and about

2 – Sketching Pencil (with Florence Broadhurst Japanese Floral wraparound design)

3 – V7 Hi-Tecpont 0.7 Pen, I love this pen for drawing, writing and its  the perfect pen for signing my limited edition prints on the german hahnemuhle paper

4 – Business Cards & Fan Holder from Moo.com – these business cards have different paintings on the back so I have a mini gallery with me

5 – Tate Wallet with my arty membership cards -I am a member of the Tate Gallery and The Royal Academy, I love to go to see all the major exhibitions now I’m back in London. I have just been to see the David Hockney Retrospective at Tate Britain, it was absolutely fabulous. I love the fact that David is a mega successful Yorkshire artist, my family are all from Yorkshire and I was born in Sheffield but came to London for University. I love to see his paintings over a 60 year period !!

6 – Kew Gardens Wallet and Membership Card – I am painting the Palm House at Kew Gardens at the moment so I am visiting a lot for reference and inspiration

7 – Essential Oils – I love ‘Clarity’ and ‘Present Time’ oils from Young Living I keep them in my bag and the car and use them to help me through the day, they smell amazing too!

8 – Cath Kidston Pencil case – I use it to store all my receipts and bits of paper, my friends from Singapore bought it for me when I left Singapore.

9 – Make-up – A Bobbi Brown foundation stick, Benefit Cha Cha Tint cheek stain  and Nars Lip Pencil, I was a creative make-up artist for the fashion & film industry pre kids, these days its a 5 min make-up routine normally done quickly in the car

10 – Notebook /sketchbook – I bought it from Accessorize, it has a gold cover and I use it to make shopping lists, quick sketches and notes for ideas

11 – Kate Spade Wallet – Love this colour, I bought it in New York last year

12 – Jo Malone – Nutmeg and Ginger Cologne, I love it, the smell reminds me of Asia!

Thank you Clare!

Clare is kindly offering FREE INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY on all my Limited Edition Prints at the moment – do pop over to her website and order something beautiful for yourself!

If you’d like to get in touch with Clare, or follow her on her exciting jouney around London’s most iconic landmarks, get in touch and introduce yourself to this inspiring lady.


Have a fantastic rest of the week!

Jennifer x




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