How to make your wish list collage with PicMonkey #JenniferHamleyWish

facebook-wishlist-linesI’ve absolutely loved seeing the #JenniferHamleyWish list entries so far (you can enter here if you haven’t already – entries are being counted until 10th December).  A few have asked how to make wish list collages, so I thought I’d put together this quick and easy blog post on how to do wish lists style boards using which is also great for creating vision boards going into the new year too!

Here we go; how to make your wish list/vision board collage;

1 Find the items that you want to add to your wishlist and save pictures  (right click -> ‘save image as’ on PC/Control & click -> ‘save image as’ on Mac)

2 Save one of these #JenniferHamleyWish templates in the same way.  The first is rectangle, the lower one square – perfect fo Instagram)

Rectangle #JenniferHamleyWish template
Square #JenniferHamelyWish template

3 Go to

4 Select ‘Edit a Photo’


5 Open the #JenniferHamleyWish template from the folder that you saved it in

6 Click on the butterfly icon on the left hand side of the screen


7 Click the ‘Add your own’ button


8 Select an image of the item from your wishlist folder

9 The image will appear on your #JenniferHamleyWish template, you can click and drag the corners to resize it, or click on it to reposition to where you want on the board.


10 Repeat steps 6-9 until you have added all the items to your wishlist and positioned them as you wish.


11 You may right click any item to move it forward or back on the page, or use the ‘layers’ icon at the bottom of the page.

12 Click the ‘Tt’ button to add text.  Any text can be resized/positioned in the same way as images



13 When you are happy, click ‘SAVE’ at the top of the page and your masterpiece will be saved and ready to share!


I can’t wait to see your #JenniferHamleyWish lists – be sure to enter here for a chance to win a Jennifer Hamley handbag or purse of your choice PLUS £150 worth of other goodies from your wish list.

Jennifer x



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