What’s in your handbag, Helen Thornber?

What's in you handbag Helen ThornberOn Monday I chatted to inspirational business coach, super-woman and my own personal head-space-sorter-outer, Helen Thornber.  We chatted about things that can cause women to feel held back when running their own business, and we promised to share the reasons why Helen will ALWAYS carry unicorn farts with her.

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Q&A Monday with Helen Thornber


Have you ever felt like there is so much you need to do, everything is a priority and you don’t know where to start? Do you end up being completely overwhelmed and getting nowhere? Helen Thornber is a qualified coach who works with women to help them make time for their business without neglecting the 101 other things happening in their lives.

2015 was going to be her “quiet” year. Instead she accidentally ended up experiencing three of the most stressful life changing events, while holding down a full-time job AND building a business. She isn’t a superhero, and most definitely doesn’t have the perfect life. She’s a fully-flawed human being, like the rest of us, with far too many things to do. The difference is that these days Helen is in complete control and knows exactly what to do next without getting overwhelmed… and now she helps others achieve that too!

Hi Helen, it’s lovely have you here – I’d love for you to share some of your secrets with my readers.  How are you today?

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