The Model KT POWER Work Bag

What exactly IS the difference between the ‘Model KT Work Bag‘ and the ‘Model KT POWER Work Bag‘?

Both bags have the same extensive features, but the POWER version comes complete with a 10400 mAh USB Power bank/charger AND a Leatherman Juice Multi tool – perfect for wine O’clock!



Ready to Travel Laptop Bag

I’ve been asked about certain features of the luxury leather Model KT work bag, and so I wanted to share here.  First up was a question from Kevin who asked if the bag would make a good travel work bag.

The detachable leather case on the bag doubles as a thread-through for wheely cabin bags, giving you less to carry on your travels.  It is advised to remove your tablet/iPad from the case first though, and pop it inside the main laptop bag.

The front pocket is fabulous for keeping your passport and boarding card, with everything else you may need to do work on the go just under the flap.  Remember too, with the Model KT POWER bag, you don’t have to worry about running out of power either!

Hope this answers your question Kevin!

thread through travel case