Q&A Monday with Aaron Morton

Aaron Morton The Confidence LoungeToday I’m chatting with Aaron Morton, founder of The Confidence Lounge.  I first met Aaron back in 2013 when I’d come to a point with my last business (Head Full of Feathers) where I knew I needed help.  I got in touch with a company called BRAVE who offer practical business guidance, and I was partnered with Aaron as my mentor.

I got a lot more than I had bargained for with Aaron.  I was expecting to be guided through business plans, cash flow forecasts and all other sorts of yawnsome tasks.   However, at the first session I clearly remember him asking if I could see my products (accessories and purses which I sold through Etsy) in department stores such as House of Fraser.  I instantly shook my head and laughed.  Then I saw that Aaron was not joking, he was being serious!  After the initial shock, I noticed a new thought creeping slowly into my mind; I realised that If I imagined hard enough, I could see it.

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What’s in Your Handbag, Emily Fisher?

WIYH Emily FisherOn Monday we got to know Emily Fisher of Mermaid Gossip and Fishee Designs.  She delighted us with a quick fire Q&A session on life as a serial (and sparkly) entrepreneur.  (If you missed it, you can find it here).  Now it is time to take a peek into Emily’s handbag!

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Want to join our inspiring Instagram challenge? #InspirApril

Abstract 2D geometric colorful background

Back in February I collaborated with four friends to write a nerve wracking post titled ‘Ten Things I am Afraid to Tell You‘.  The feedback was astounding and prompted us to get together for a new challenge.  As a group we really inspire one another, so we wanted to do something that would push our own creativity whilst involving as many people as we can.  So we decided on this Instagram photo challenge and called it #InspirApril.

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Q&A Monday with Emily Fisher – Fishee Designs & Mermaid Gossip

Bristol-and-UK-Fashion-Blog-Mermaid-Gossip-Colour-Popping-Ponies-Outfit-Post-What-I-Wore-12-720Today, I want to introduce you to pink haired entrepreneur, Emily Fisher of Fishee Designs. Emily and I met through common friends, first via social media and then finally meeting up in Bristol a year or two ago.

They say that you shouldn’t keep all your eggs in one basket, and Emily is proof that running multiple, successful businesses is absolutely possible.  Since 2009 Emily has taken on a vintage shop, opened her own photographic studio, created graphic design & websites with ‘Fishee Designs‘ for clients across the world, sold digital products, set up the ‘Weird and Wonderful Wedding World’ (a wedding fair for alternative weddings), gained a passionate following for her fashion and lifestyle blog ‘Mermaid Gossip’ and founded a travelling photo-booth – I honestly don’t know where she finds the energy!

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The first handbag is coming! SOON!!

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It feels like I have been waiting SO LONG, but it looks like I will be getting my first handbag sample made in APRIL – this year.  As in next month! Phew.

I feel like I’ve been saying ‘soon’ for so long, but I refuse to be frustrated. I’m learning as I go and this is such a big thing for me.  It’s my dream.  I want to get it as right as I can without the perfectionism turning into procrastination (that’s a whole other problem for another post.) I have had to accept that things take time and there are a lot of things to get into place.  Some physical, some psychological.

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What’s in Your Handbag, ReeRee Rockette?

Female bags collection on white background

On Monday I spoke to ReeRee Rockette; entrepreneur, speaker, writer and owner of London hair salons ‘Rockalily Cuts’ in London.  After enjoying some insights into life as a business dynamo I asked ReeRee if we could take a look into her handbag, so we can really get to know her.   ReeRee tells me her bag (which I adore!) is by Ted Baker; she explained to me that she feels really lucky that it was sent for review on her blog and she gets strangers complimenting her on it at least twice a week!

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Q&A Monday with ReeRee Rockette, Owner of ‘Rockalily Cuts’ Salons


I first came into contact with vintage loving entrepreneur ReeRee Rockette in 2012 through her range of gorgeous Rockalily Lipsticks.  Unfortunately for me, I discovered them just a little too late, ReeRee had decided to discontinue the line (although I did manage to get one just before she finished, yey.)  In true entrepreneur style ReeRee had big ideas for her future and by May that year she had opened up her own Vintage Americana hair salon.  A salon that was different from the rest, with the friendly, sassy branding of Rockalily that had been built up over the years through blogging, writing columns and being featured in magazines (such as Marie Claire, Hello! and Cosmopolitan.)

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