My new luxury handbag label is coming…!

Video blog #1 of my journey creating and manufacturing luxury leather handbags in England.

The label is a celebration of inspiration, creativity and empowerment – we ladies are a strong breed, and we LOVE a bit of luxury!

I hope I can inspire you to follow your dreams as I persue mine.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel for regular updates, inspiration and tips and I’ll be happy to answer any questions at all.

Exciting times. Happy to have you on this journey with me!

See the video here –>


How to be a superhero.

It’s occasionally happens. I’ll be doing OK with everything, but not amazing. You know those days when you just can’t seem to get anything finished – or even started. So I’ll pop onto Facebook or Twitter (I always think it’s for some inspiration, but it’s more likely procrastination because I’m not feeling my best) and I’ll read post after post of how much all my friends and people I admire are achieving. Quite the opposite result of inspiration ensues. I’ll start to feel so down on myself that I’m having a bad day, and worry even more about not getting anything done when everyone else is doing so well. The result? A downward spiral of feeling bad and, ultimately, not getting ANYTHING done at all. A nasty feeling of failure and of being left behind.

Have you ever felt that way? (I’m sure if you have a brain in your head and a heart in your chest you will have). Do you start to doubt yourself and wonder if anyone will notice that you have no idea what you are doing?

I just want to tell you how I deal with these days, maybe it’ll help you out too.

1. Step away from social media (or the situation getting me down).

2. Breathe deeply.

3. Close my eyes and remember a time when I felt like I was doing something amazing that made me feel great. (It changes each time for me) I make sure I remember that time with visions, feelings and sounds.

4. I keep breathing deeply and visualising until I start to feel like I’m back in that moment.

6. I keep going until I feel as amazing as I did then (sometimes it takes a while, but it’s ALWAYS worth it)

7. I open my eyes and notice how different I feel.

8. Get on with what I should be doing!

I always remember that I have the power to change my thoughts and feelings whenever I want. If something is making me feel bad, I’ll do the exercise above and get into a happy state, and then get on with things.

In a state of overwhelm and stress I can never get anything done, but in a happy state I’ll try anything! Even if I have no idea HOW to do it, I know that if I’m happy, I will begin. So I get on and do something, ANYTHING and the way to do the rest will come to me. It’s like a magic trick. Momentum beats procrastination I believe.

Hmmm, I promised I’d share the secrets of becoming a super-hero and I’ve not mentioned it once have I..?

Be Super,


P.S. As usual, here is my supporting video…

I’m going to the BLOGCADEMY!!

I can’t describe how excited I am to be finally attending the Blogcademy – and I have finally found things that I want to blog about (my journey as a handbag designer, entrepreneurialism and empowerment) – meaning it’s never a chore and always fun. Just in time, phew.

The gorgeous goddesses running the workshop are Gala, Shauna and Kat. All with their own very different, but VERY successful approaches to blogging. I signed up for this workshop almost a year ago, and have been looking forward to it so much.

Since signing up I have closed down one business (Head Full of Feathers), almost started another, (a retail outlet for independent designers, Kotchi and Fox – which I decided not to persue due to wanting to concentrate my efforts on my true destiny…) and am now in the process of launching my very own british luxury designer handbag label, Jennifer Hamley (my destiny!). I have been on many courses in the past year and they have totally changed my life. I have a feeling that the Blogcademy is going to have a similar impact – I LOVE LEARNING!

I’m excited to learn all about how to use my blog to enhance my brand and website, and also to meet so many entrepreneurial, creative, enthusiastic and like-minded women. I hope that the two days will give me some superpowers to make this blog a more enjoyable place for you to hang out too.

It all starts on Tuesday, so expect lots of Instagraming from me – probably way too many selfies, and perhaps a video or two.
I had a little panic on Friday that I didn’t have any business cards to take when I meet all these amazing people. I called so many printers to see if I could get some made. Unfortunately I was just too late, even for a speedy service.

I decided not to panic (see ‘How To Be a Super Hero‘) got online, and using PicMonkey I managed to make these cute little social media contact photo’s to give out. They are by no means perfect, but it’s amazing what you can do when you take a deep breath and get on with things!


Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. As usual, my video is at the bottom of this post…

Be awesome

Jen x

Photos with thanks from the Blogcademy website