We’re having a party! Want to come?


On the 7th June, I’m throwing a party to celebrate the launch of our capsule collection, and our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign – want to come along?

I wanted to give you the chance to join in the fun, to have a complimentary glass of fizz and to meet one another.  I will bring all the samples from the capsule collection too, so you can try them for yourself.

The party will be held at Chin! Chin! bar and restaurant, which will be transformed into a cocktail bar just for us for the evening.  Celebrations start at 7pm, it would be lovely to see you for an hour or two.  The 7th is also my birthday – so I get to double celebrate!

Email me; Jen@JenniferHamley.com if you have any questions at all about getting there and feel free to bring your friends along.

Jen x



IndieGoGo campaign with a £7k start!



We launched yesterday at 6pm and the response has been astounding – thank you to  everyone so far! Just shy of £7,000 in just 18 hours – amazing!!

Thank you and keep on sharing. You are the BEST!

If you’ve not seen our campaign yet, please take a look at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/jennifer-hamley-england-luxury-bags-that-work–2/x/14023795?secret_perk_token=aef39285 (this link has the secret perk token – 30% off our double award winning luxury leather work bag until tomorrow evening!)

(Want to join the early investor founders of Jennifer Hamley England too? You can for a mere £1 https://goo.gl/CgNG8S

The day before launch…i think I’m going to be sick!

Is it nerves, I think so!

Our crowdfunding campaign is launching tomorrow – I can’t believe it’s finally happening.  The team at Jennifer Hamley England have been working so hard, alongside our crowdfund gurus at CrowdReach to get to this stage.  Now we just need your support to help make this dream a reality.

We will be launching a capsule collection, on a pre-order basis.  If we reach our target, your pledge will be used to put the manufacturers into action, and you bag will be delivered once it is ready.  If we don’t reach our target, your money will be refunded – so there is no risk in getting involved.

Thank you for all your help with the decision over what to include in the capsule collection.  We have decided to follow your advice and go for the Model KT (in all five colours) the Mini KT )in black, aubergine and teal), and the Sakura coin purse, (also in black, aubergine and teal.)

There is still a chance to win your own Model KT work bag to celebrate the launch – winner announced tomorrow at 6pm. 

 The Model KT is a double award winning design, featuring lots of organisation pockets, zip off clutch/tablet case, hands free travel card system, key clip, shopping bag, padded laptop section, pen holders, adjustable strap, card slots, luxurious soft leather, custom hardware, and lots more! 

Enter to win here —> 


Good luck! 🍀 Thank you for all your support and well wishes!

Limited edition reusable shopping bag

To celebrate our crowdfunding campaign which launches on Tuesday, I’ve designed this reusable canvas shopping bag as one of our rewards for backers (with a signed thank you card, because I love you.)

 Let’s save the world one shop at a time! #NoMorePlasticBags

Our special limited edition reusable shopper – available on Indigeogo.com NEXT WEEK (17th May)  😘

Limited edition hand painted Model KT Workbag

Jennifer Hamley Hand Painted Model KT Work bag
To celebrate our upcoming crowdfunding campaign (on Indiegogo.com) and capsule collection launch, I hand painted this limited special edition of the Model KT workbag.

Jennifer Hamley Hand Painted Model KT work bag
It was certainly a challenge hand drawing such a measured design onto the leather (I didn’t realise what I was taking on!) and painting the lines was a new issue in itself – eek! I’m super happy with the result though, the time was well spent. 
If you want one of the five available, you can choose what colour bag you desire and I’ll get to work once the campaign comes to a close and the bags arrive.  This one is on our Salamander coloured leather.  

Jennifer Hamley England Model KT work bag special edition
The campaign is launching at 6pm on Tuesday 17th May (next week!) and there will be a 30% discount on the each design for the first 48 hours – it’s going to be exciting!  Though I’m super nervous too – if you see me looking a bit green over the next couple of weeks, I may need a hug!

Lots of love,

Jen 😘

Watch out for the Fraud Police.

“The Fraud Police are the imaginary, terrifying force of ‘real’ grown-ups who you believe – at some subconscious level – are going to come knocking on your door in the middle of the night, saying: We’ve been watching you, and we have evidence that you have NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE DOING. You stand accused of the crime of completely winging it, you are guilty of making shit up as you go along, you do not actually deserve your job, we are taking everything away and we are TELLING EVERYBODY.” Amanda Palmer#Love this quote. It’s so true.

Knowing that pretty much everyone believes that the fraud police are going to find them out makes me love life even more. We are all so similar. We are all amazing.

#AmandaPalmer #quote

Photo by the awesome @laurapowerphoto ❤️

What’s in Your Handbag, Karen Lowe?

What's in your handbag Karen LoweOn Monday I chatted to the gorgeous image consultant/stylist/fashion entrepreneur/#BadassBusinessBabe, Karen Lowe, as we shared a love of skiing, style and self belief.  If you missed it and want to read about Karen’s insights on business, her work/life balance and advice on dealing with fear of failure, you can catch up here

I’m pleased to say that Karen is back with me today and is all set to share what she carries in her beautiful ‘Modalu, London’ handbag. Continue reading