Q&A with Karen Lowe

Karen Lowe and Jennifer hamley talk business
Last winter whilst attending networking events a name kept cropping up; Karen Lowe.  Every time I met someone new they would say to me; “do you know Karen Lowe?  You two should meet, I think you’d really get on.”  A few weeks passed and it kept happening.  It was one of those times where I realised that sitting in my comfort zone was making me miss out on meeting some extraordinary people, so got brave and sent Karen a message to say hi.  We hit it off right away – finally meeting in person at an event where Karen was a guest speaker, I ended up hogging Karen for the whole time she wasn’t on stage talking about all things style, handbags and confidence, we got on like long lost friends!

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What’s in Your Handbag, Jennie Bayliss?

Whats in your handbag Jennie Bayliss

On Monday I chatted to Jennie Bayliss from Office Wings (if you missed Jennie’s top tips on business, you can find the post here).  I’m pleased to say that Jennie is back today and all set to let us take a peek into her personal life, and see what she carries in her handbag.

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Q&A Monday with Jennie Bayliss

Q&A Monday with Jennie Bayliss titleJennie Bayliss is a girl who knows what she wants, and she goes for it.  She founded her business in January 2013 and by 2014 she had won her first award, the Best New Business in Bedfordshire.  Her business, Office Wings, offers virtual PA services across the world, and Jennie has big ideas for her business with plans to franchise so that other people can benefit from her learning, skills and knowledge.  Jennie has achieved so much in two years, I decided it was time to chat to her, so that we can all learn from this badass business babe!

Hi Jennie, it’s lovely have you here, how are you today?

Very well thank you Jen. It is a very busy time for us with lots of clients working around the world so we are on international time zones at the minute!  

It’s so exciting that your client base has grown so quickly, you must know exactly who your ideal client is.  What’s your number one tip on defining your perfect customer?

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What’s in your Handbag, Stephanie Roper AKA The Wardrobe Angel?

WIYH StephaineOn Monday we met Stephanie Roper, Stylish fashion entrepreneur also known as The Wardrobe Angel.  Today, she is letting us get to know her more intimately and showing us what is in her beautiful handbag.  Over to you, Steph…

My handbag is a Mulberry Effie Tote in black. I had this bag pinned to my Bag Candy Pinterest Board for months before I bought it in October 2014. You can see on the board my progression through tote bags until I decided on a Mulberry Effie Tote; it’s the last pin I pinned. It is so unbelievably special to me – in the midst of a stressful period of buying a house and moving I was offered an amazing piece of work which paid very well; I used the money to buy my Mulberry. This might seem odd to you – moving was expensive, never mind buying a house! – but Rich and I spoke about it at length. When he said “you work really hard, you deserve it” that made up my mind.

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Q&A Monday with Stephanie Roper

Wardrobe angel Stephanie Roper Q&A  MondayI was chatting to a friend, Rachel, at a course that we were both on last year.  The course was 8 days long and each day I commented on how stylishly dressed Rachel was, always something different, always stunning.  Everything she wore suited her personality and body shape so well, her looks so well put together.  Her style exuded confidence.  Mid way through the course Rachel revealed her secret to me.  She had met a lady called Stephanie Roper, AKA The Wardrobe Angel for a ‘style and declutter’ wardrobe consultation.  The process involving the two of them going through every piece of clothing that Rachel had, trying everything and then creating outfits from what they decided to keep.  Stephanie also gave Rachel advice on what wardrobe staples to invest in, tips on clothes that suit her body shape and how to wear the latest trends.  The result was perfect.

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