Q&A Monday with Holly Matthews

Q&A Holly Matthews

Hello and welcome once again to our weekly Q&A.  It’s time to set your focus for the next couple of minutes as we have a big dose of #MONDAYMOTIVATION for you.  Today our Inspirational Woman of the week is Holly Matthews; actress, creative, storyteller, life coach and more.

Having been in the spotlight from a young age (Byker Grove anyone!!), Holly has continued to grow and change in her ongoing quest to develop her passions.  Along the way she has experienced a mixture of family trauma, revelations and insights.  Holly has a canny way of passing on what’s she’s learned so far, coupled with an infectious positivity and thirst for life.

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Q&A Monday with Beki Gowing


Q&A Beki Gowing


Happy Monday! and welcome once again to our regular insight from the world of inspirational women. This week I am delighted to have Beki Gowing, founder of Print and Press London with me.

Print and press is a custom digital fabric printing company serving designers & makers both in the UK and worldwide. Let’s dive straight in!

Hello Beki, it’s lovely to have you here, how are you today?

Hello Jennifer, I’m really good thanks, the sun is almost shining and I have managed to Continue reading