A (tropical takeover) week of working ON the business, not IN it.

Its a blog TAKEOVER!

Kind of, kind of not, because the takeover is by me!  Over the past year you will know that I’ve been featuring some incredible ladies each week, starting with an inspiring Q&A every Monday, with women from a wide variety of industries.  The focus; to share inspirational stories and journeys with the intention of helping you to follow your own passions.  I’ve loved seeing our own community strengthen and grow as a result – I’m so proud of the growing connections and interaction within our little Tribe!


Working ON the business, not IN it.

Today I’m shifting the focus slightly to let you know that this week will be different because…. I’m going away on retreat!!

Not yoga, not meditation, not a relaxation retreat. But a business retreat.

Yes, that’s right, it’s time to step away from my never ending ‘to-do’ lists to focus on the bigger picture. And you know what – I have a feeling that it’s not going to be easy.


A week of Business Badass

The retreat is run by (amazing result generating) coaching company; The Game Changers, whom I recently started working with.  Part of the 12 month program is to attend 5 day business workshops where I will take time out (along with the rest of our little team – yes, I finally have a TEAM!! More about them soon!) to work on strategies and plans for the future.

When I first found out that the retreat was on the beautiful island of Lombok, Indonesia I was pretty happy.  Tropical Island Paradise?? YES PLEASE!!  Though, I have a feeling that the beach has been strategically placed nearby to help relax and balance ourselves after each day of hard work, rather than for daily swimming, sunbathing, cocktails and coconuts!

Five full  days of personal and business development is going to be a huge test and a challenge, but I also know that I’m going to love it, and meet some incredible and inspiring people who going after their dreams too.

game changers

Stay connected

To share the experience with YOU, I promise to be updating daily, direct from the action over on Instagram Stories (you can follow here) I’ll also broadcast some LIVE streams and insights as we go so we can all learn together. I hope you will join me to see what we are getting up to and to be equally inspired.

See you over on Instagram!


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