What’s in your handbag, Vicky Charles?

WIYH vicky charles.jpg

Hello  and welcome to another episode of What’s in your handbag! This week we peer into the depths of successful single mum Vicky Charles’s gorgeous handbag.  Vicky is a copywriter and social media specialist and we’re eager to see what essentials she takes with her on the go.  We had an amazing talk on Monday about Vicky’s inspirational story (read it here) and today we get to see what’s hiding in her beautiful bag!

Hello again Vicky, how are you?

Great thanks Jen!

I’m loving the colour of your bag!

My handbag is from Hobo.  I forget the name of the style, and a trawl through their website suggests they don’t sell these ones any longer! I love it because it holds more than you’d think, but is also very smart. And everyone always comments on the bright colour!

whiter background.jpg

And here’s what’s inside!

wiyh numbered.jpg

  1. Reusable bag: I hate plastic bags and have a huge collection of reusable bags; I try to keep at least one in my handbag at all times!
  2. Various lipsticks: I buy lipsticks, use them for a while, lose them in the bottom of my handbag and buy another… ad infinitum! Every now and then I clear out my bag and find several I’d forgotten I had!
  3. Pens: I’m a writer; I carry a pen everywhere!
  4. Hobo “Rachel” purse. This is ridiculously large; I can use it as a clutch when I go out! It’s great though as it has loads of little pockets and it’s great for all of those loyalty cards and vouchers. Plus it has a little mirror on a chain!
  5. Kindle: because you never know when you might have five minutes spare for reading.
  6. L’Occitane hand cream: this tube is the perfect size for my handbag! I love this cream because it’s effective but not greasy.
  7. Tin of mints: I’m a parent blogger and we are given lots of things like this at events. Some are more useful than others!
  8. Pain killers – just in case!
  9. Loose change: with a purse that big, how do I still manage to miss with my coins?!
  10. Random hair clip: do all mums end up with this stuff in the bottom of their bags? To be honest I’m surprised there weren’t a few pieces of rogue Lego in there!
  11. Tissues: useful for so much more than just runny noses…
  12. Notebook: see pens above! Taking notes on a mobile device just isn’t the same. When you write something down by hand it actually goes into your head!
  13. Chocolate rice cakes: for emergencies, especially on the school run! My little girl is always starving when she comes out of school and I try to persuade her to eat rice cakes rather than buying ‘cakey’ cakes!
  14. Mobile: I took the photo with my mobile but it’s never far from my hands!

Thank you Vicky! It’s been a pleasure having you as are Inspirational Woman of the Week! As a further treat, Vicky is offering you a personalised social media appraisal with 5 specific tips for your own account. You can email vicky@vickycharles.com and quote this blog to get a reduced price of £30.

vicky offer


That’s it from us this week. I wish you an amazing couple of days and we’ll be back in touch on Monday with some more inspirational business women!

Jennifer x

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