Q&A Monday with Jehan Mir

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Hello and welcome to another dose of feminine business motivation.  This week our inspirational woman of the week is Jehan Mir,  a leading couture designer, dress-maker & stylist based in London. Her creations are things of beauty – as you will see shortly! Jehan is ready and willing to share some of her key insights into how she’s learnt to follow her dreams.

Welcome Jehan!

Thanks Jen!

It’s fabulous to have you here, how are you today?

I’m great thank you Jen, it’s quite a busy time for me.  Spring is in the air, summer balls are looming, and the rush of bridal season has begun.  I’m knee-deep in designs, gorgeous fabrics, beading and embellishment, and I’m travelling all over to see my beautiful clients.  I’m loving it!

Sounds gorgeous!  I’m getting a clear sense of passion coming through those images you’re describing. Would you say you love what you do? 

jehan dress banner

Yes, and on so many levels. I once came to the realisation that if I use my unique skills everyday and through that I can help one woman at a time like and even love herself more – then I am one step closer to making the world a happier place!  I know it’s a cliché but if  I’m honest about it then what I want is to make the world a happier place.  And if people are happy, then the world will be a happier place.

That’s beautiful.  It’s clear how you’ve made that connection and brought your passion into your daily life.  Thank you! 

So tell us a little bit about daily life, have you ever wanted to give it all up?!

I used to think about giving my business up all the time, then I actually did give it up! I went and got a job for a regular income and ‘security’.  I quickly realised that I was not meant to work for someone else, I found it personally soul-destroying and stopped as soon as I could.

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So you managed to make it back and continue to follow your passion, what advice would you give someone who’s possibly in a similar position?

If I could only ever give one single piece of advice it would be to NEVER, EVER give up on your dreams.  Following your dreams is not a bed of roses, It can be tough, especially without financial backing and emotional support.  It’s long hours and it’s very anti-social, but it’s nothing compared to the pain of not doing it.

When you feel like giving up, change your approach, but always keep your eye on the end result.

Spoken from the heart! I know this is touching for so many of our readers. The struggle is real.  Lets take it back to the beginning, how did it all start for you?

The main reason I started my own business was to help women all over the world solve a BIG problem; Body Shame.

My earliest memory of myself is my love of clothes and accessories, and styling outfits for myself.  I was very lucky that my mother was a brilliant seamstress who would make me any dress I’d dream up.

As I got older though, I started to become more and more body conscious.  It was impossible to find clothes that were unique and flattering for my figure.  I didn’t like anything in the shops. It all made me look fat and unattractive.

At some point I just decided to use the seamstress skills my mother taught me to make my own clothes.  I found that I could make clothes that were unique, and most importantly, that complemented my figure.  It changed my life and that’s when I first caught a glimpse of how I was capable of helping others too.

I have a vision of you having your vision! And the impact of finding your solution and suddenly expanding your vision to include others.

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We’ve got time for one more question – What is the biggest business mistake you’ve ever made and how did you learn from it?

The biggest mistake I made in business was when I stopped focusing on my unique style of business and naively took someone else’s advice.  For me, customer service and being able to focus completely on the woman in front of me is tantamount to the experience I create.

I took advice from a business growth manager who wasn’t in sync with my business vision. They suggested I take a different approach to my business and make it less personal and more sales orientated.  Suffice to say, this business model did not work and I ended up loosing clients and getting myself into debt.

I learnt a big lesson there and then; to never veer away from my dream. Even for a second!  If you must take business advice, make sure that the other person understands and believes in your vision.  My business is all about its unique customer services – making women look and feel beautiful.  Clients come to me because they know what they want, and without it I don’t have a business. Needless to say I ditched the advice and i’ve continued to grow and gain many very happy clients, alot of  who have also become good friends.

And so it continues! Thank you so much Jehan for sharing with us. You really are an inspiration to us all and I know a lot of our readers will be excited to see some more of your work too.  We’ve added Jehan’s contact links below.  I’m also really excited that Jehan has agreed to offer our readers an incredible package! 

jehan offer.jpg

Contact Jehan via these links or at hello@jehanmir.com


We’ve also got Jehan back here on Thursday where she’s letting us peer into her rather beautiful handbag for our regular “What’s in your handbag” feature.

Have an inspirational week.

Jennifer x

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