What’s in Your Handbag Beki Gowing?

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On Monday we met Beki Gowing, founder of Print and Press London, a custom digital fabric printhouse in South East London.  We talked about the move from the corporate structure to being self-employed and Beki shared with us the realisations and skills that have helped her pave the way for her business and new community.

If you missed our inspiring chat, you can catch it here.
Beki is also offering all of our readers a 10% discount on both custom and designer prints – just use code in the banner below before the 31st of May 2017.
Without further a do, Beki, please take us on a tour!
Beki Gowing fabric.jpg
Firstly let me tell you about my bag:  My Aunt Susie died a few years ago and left me a few hundred pounds. At the time I was a poor student, and decided that instead of doing anything sensible with the money, the best thing to do was buy a designer handbag.
Susie loved buying beautiful, slightly outrageous things for her house, so I thought it was something she would approve of. I found this Chloe Paddington bag second hand on Ebay and told myself that it was a good investment. Seven years later and it’s going strong, although looking a bit worse for wear!
Beki Gowing handbag photo
Beki Gowing handbag contents numbered .jpg
1.  Headphones – Being in London I catch the tube a lot, so these are essential to drown everything out! I’ve recently been listening to The Guilty Feminist podcast, and Janet Murray’s Soulful PR podcast series.
2.  Purse – I made this using Rachel Parker’s Manhattan fabric which we sell in our shop. It’s filled with loads of coffee shop loyalty cards, and not much else!
3.  Print & Press, London fabric swatches – If you’re not in the design industry, you might not know what digital fabric printing means. I’ve learnt to carry a set of swatches around with me to show people what we do, and for ad hoc meetings where I don’t have any other samples.
4.  Airwaves – I’m an Airwaves addict, so I carry an industrial sized pot around (which makes a slightly alarming rattling sound when I run)
5.  Quite a battered phone – 3 years in and still going strong, this phone helps me manage everything when I’m out and about.
6.  Moleskine diary – If I ever forget this I feel completely lost. I love Moleskine’s diaries, and use it to keep track of everything I do. Something about writing lists makes me remember things far better than writing them on my phone.
7.  Travel card holder – In a bright jazzy colour.
8.  Carmex.
9.  Lipstick – I love wearing bright lipsticks. My current favourite is a shade by Smashbox called Punch Drunk.
10.  Biscuit Mirror – I bought this for a ridiculously low price on Amazon, and I particularly like the questionable grammar.
11.  Pneumatic pencil.
12.  Keys – With a very ugly Russian Doll keyring my partner bought for me in Krakow when he forgot to buy me a birthday present.
13.  Kate Spade Business Card Holder – Before Print & Press, I used to work in buying for John Lewis. When I left my lovely team bought me this to help impress people at networking events.
Thanks Beki, we’ve loved having you here and we look forward to following your progress in the future. Remember that you can check out her website and social media channels via the links below and note down her discount code too (it expires on the 31st May 2017!)


Have a fabulous rest of the week and I look forward to sharing another inspiring lady with you next week,

Jennifer x




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