What’s in Your Handbag, Katie Owen?

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This week’s inspirational woman is Katie Owen, founder of Sargasso & Grey Shoe Company.  Spotting a gap in the market, Katie makes elegant heels with a twist – they’re comfortable!

You can find out more in our Q&A session here.

Today Katie’s opening up her gorgeous Coach bag and giving us a little insight into her everyday essentials.

Thanks Katie, over to you.

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Thanks Jen, I lived in New York in 2001 and was given my very first Coach bag as a gift. I have been a fan ever since and this is about my 8th bag. It isn’t particularly big but it comfortably fits the daily essentials!

wiyh contents numbered

1)  Earphones – I love listening to music on the tube.

2)  Lip Balm – Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour – Does what it says on the tin………almost!

3)  Perfume – I love Lumiere Noir by Frances Kurkdjian – My signature scent was Dolce & Gabbana but is has been discontinued so this is my new favourite!

4)  MK make up bag – my sister bought me this from New York and I love the bright coral colour.

5)  Glasses – for driving

6)  Chanel lipstick – Vendome – a great red colour which suits me better than pink!

7)  Chanel red lip liner – I don’t have very pouty lips so I need some assistance!

8)  Sunglasses

9)  Note book from Paperchase. – I would be lost without a notebook. I scribble all sorts of ideas and reminders in this!
10)  Keys

11)  Heliocare Factor 50 tinted sunscreen – I never leave the house without putting this on my face. I don’t wear a huge amount of make up so this also acts as a tinted moisturiser.

12)  Small pot of Nivea – This is a great and versatile moisturiser in a diddy handbag size tin.

13)  Business cards – Because you never know who you might meet!
14)  Coach purse – to compliment my bag


Thanks Katie, it’s been great to hear your story and we wish you all the continued success for the future! You can find Katie’s links below to find out more.



Have an outstanding couple of days and I’ll see you all back here on Monday where we will meet our next inspiring lady.

Jennifer x



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