What’s in your handbag, Rebecca Newenham?

rebecca newenham whats in your handbag jennifer hamley VA - handbag Jan 17

On Monday we met inspirational award winning woman in the world of business, Rebecca Newenham, CEO of Get Ahead VA.  Rebecca runs a virtual agency that helps businesses with tasks they don’t have the skills, time or desire to do.  (I have just started using virtual assistants and I LOVE THEM!)

If you have been reading my blog for a few weeks, you’ll know that each Thursday I like to ask our inspirational woman of the week to share what they carry in their handbag – we always learn so much more about our stars personality, life and business!  So what does this lady carry in her handbag day to day?

Over to you, Rebecca…

I found this bag in Warehouse sale.  I love the colour and the fact that it had a bag within a bag compartment!!

1) Green purse – I bought this in Australia during our trip there last year. I have so many cards that it is perfect but larger than I realised! I love the colour – I can spot it a mile off.

2) Rose gold notebook – A birthday pressie from Anthropology. It goes everywhere with me.

3) My business cards – I spend a lot of time out networking and meeting with prospective clients so these are a must.

4) Folder with GA rate cards – These are a useful discussion tool and leave behind with clients.

5) Bottle of water – Being out and about I always try and stay as hydrated as I can.

6) Tissues – This time of year and with 3 kids at home I can’t go far without tissues.

7) Lip gloss and lip balm – Amazing what a slick of lip gloss can do to make you feel positive just before a meeting.

8) Phone – My business and personal lifeblood!

9) Keys


Thank you for sharing what’s in your handbag Rebecca!

You can connect with Rebecca and find out more about Get Ahead VA on the links below – I urge you to delegate some tasks so that you can get on with making your business and career fly!


Wishing you a fabulous end to another week – see you soon,

Jennifer x



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