What’s in Your Handbag, Julia Scodie?

Julia Scodie - handbag work bag jennifer hamley
On Monday we met with Julia Scodie, who took the plunge, left her full-time Project Manager job and set up Exercise in the City – taking exercise classes directly to busy professionals in their workplace.  If you missed my chat with this inspiring lady, you can catch up here.  Julia is back today to share what she carries in her handbag (backpack!) to work all over the City of London.

Over to you Julia!

I have to carry so many things around during the day, I use a racksack. My favourite is my denim adidas originals (retro!). I carry that and always a Pilates mat too… Jennifer I’m waiting for the design of your K.T Workbag which I can attach my mat to!

Julia Scodie - numbered work bag handbag contents (2)

1) Mobile phone/laptop – My mobile office as I do not have physical one!

2) Antibacterial wipes – To keep my mats and other Pilates equipment clean after each class.

3) Umbrella – essential as travelling around London all day you really are exposed to the elements.. Staying dry is key!

4) Nivea Moisturiser – My go to handy sized moisturiser. Don’t leave home without it.

5) Diary  – I love the old fashioned paper diary – backup for my appointments in case modern technology lets me down!

6) Pen/note pad – To make notes when meeting potential new clients and for making my to do list whilst on public transport.

7) Snack to keep my energy levels up – At the moment I’m loving Pip & Nut handy squeeze packs of their delicious nut butters

8) Makeup – face powder, liquid eyeliner and mascara.  I don’t wear much makeup when teaching –  but these are the essentials, and being out all day the odd top up is sometimes necessary if meeting potential clients!

9) Oyster card – essential for travel

10) Fitness band/Pilates block – useful for clients with muscle tightness to help them get a safe and effective stretch.

11) Flyers – everyone’s a potential new client… so I always have some on me to hand out.

12) Wallet

13)  Keys

Thank you for sharing Julia – I will certainly start sketching ideas of straps that we could add to a handbag for you for your mat!  I’m thinking a handbag/backpack design would work perfectly.

Julia can be found across the internet on the links below – do get in touch with her if you have questions, or just say hi (she’s lovely!)


Join me on Monday to meet another inspirational award winning woman in the world of business, Rebecca Newenham.

Wishing you a fabulous end to the working week,

Jennifer x



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