Q&A Monday with Hex Cavelli

Q&A Jane CooperAs we fearlessly enter another new week, I am excited to introduce you to designer Jane Cooper, the creator behind the bold and beautiful brand Hex Cavelli.

Jane did a BA degree in Textile Design at Falmouth University before she followed an adventurous artistic route of mixed media, printmaking and classic jewellery design to find her calling with lost wax carving.  Then she created Hex Cavelli, her brand and alter ego, capturing creativity and confidence of an untamed persona and producing hand crafted jewellery and prints from strong, dark designs.

Version 2

Hello Jane, It is fabulous to have you here, how are you today?

Hello Jennifer, thank you for having me! I’m feeling great and sounding terrible – I have completely lost my voice this week so am sounding very husky, some say it’s seductive.  Others think I sound like an awk from Lord of the Rings so I guess it depends on your preference!

Well at least you’ve found a way to make it work for your brand!  I hope you feel better soon.  What’s next for you with Hex Cavelli?  Any exciting challenges ahead?

Ahhh where to start?!  So many challenges ahead.  My business is really young and just building a following and customer base so that is the priority.  At the moment I would say that the products have been created as part of a learning process and there has been plenty of experimentation.  I think this year will be built on planning rather than freestyle.  I am going to build my jewellery collections and create them to sit well together and work with the prints.  So the biggest challenge for me in 2017 is to take all of my learnings from 2016 and make my designs even bigger and better than ever.

Lots to do then!  It is worth all the work when you hit that sweet balance of creativity and innovative design with the business plan all falling into place.  What techniques do you use to keep yourself motivated?

I find I am more motivated when I am busy.  I have designing, marketing and admin to do for Hex Cavelli, but I am also a marketing consultant.  It doesn’t make sense to me at the moment but when I am busier with marketing I get more done with Hex Cavelli.  I think when time is scarcer I use it more efficiently – so my favourite technique is to stay busy.  I am also a huge fan of goals, big and vague ideas of where I want to be.  Then breaking them down into much more targeted goals by month and then week. This was amazing through 2016, I couldn’t believe how far the brand came in such a short space of time by just hitting these weekly targets.

Jane Cooper designer at Hex Cavelli

I love this, I’m the same when I’m busy with a plan, then busy is great!  Where do you go for inspiration?

The gym.  I love to train but it is easy for it to take a back seat when there is so much going on.  I love weights training but have also been trying to increase my cardio.  My gym has YouTube on the running machines so I usually go for Chase Jarvis – Creative Live – 30 Days of Genius.  These videos are random, inspiring and between 30 mins and an hour, so I have to keep doing sprints until it’s finished.  It really is a mind and body work out.  I follow that with some lifting and then yoga – By the end of the session I have usually come up with a new idea or inspiration.

Wow, that is some impressive multi-tasking and such a productive holistic workout, I’m not surprised it generates so many ideas.  I’ll be sure to check out Creative Live – 30 Days of Genuius for my next gym session.

What is your passion?

My brand, Hex Cavelli is “Inspired by the Fearless”.  Myself and many of my friends have a strong sense of adventure, they make time to see the world and follow their dreams.  The fearless in this brand sense is anyone who is doing something that may scare them, but throwing themselves into it.  For some this may be setting up a business, or learning a new skill they have been putting off for a while.  It could be quitting a job you hate to regain control of your own life and happiness.  It could be the people who risk their lives to save others, life boat crews or rescue teams.  Or literally fearless explorers, setting their sights on that unmapped mountain range and those with a desire to venture into the unknown to learn more about the world.

Sounds like you have such a fabulous group of friends – you’ve inspired me to be courageous and blast fearlessly through this week, and beyond!  

Thank you so much for talking to us, it has been really inspiring finding out more about your brand and your drive behind it.  I wish you all the best of everything for the future and I’ll be watching Hex Cavelli closely! 

Skull Pendant by Hex Cavelli

If you would like to find out more about Jane’s collection and her amazing designs with Hex Cavelli – and to follow the journey (I have a feeling this brand is really going places!)  I’ve added the links below – do be sure to check out the Hex Cavelli website, and when you find something you fancy, use the code HAMLEY, as Jane is generously offering us all 10% off site wide.


Wishing you a fabulous week,

Jennifer x


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