What’s in Your Handbag Lidia Drzewiecka?

On Monday I chatted to Lidia Drzewiecka from Visuable, who helps entrepreneus to kick-start their businesses into brands their customers will love.  She created this amazing business using her extensive skills in three areas she loves; marketing, photography and web design.  If you missed our inspiring chat, you can catch up here to gain a few nuggets to use for your own success.
Today, I have Lidia with me again to share what an entrepreneur carries in her work bag.  Lidia’s bag?  Our very own Model KT in limited edition Salamander!
Over to you Lidia;

  1. Laptop – the #1 visuable girl boss essential
  2. Design and editing pad and pen – this is my secret weapon that helps me bring the brands to life
  3. Earphones – for when I need to occupy my brain with music when I am web designing or photo editing
  4. Notebook – to write those 1000 ideas that I have every day
  5. Pen – as above
  6. Wallet –to pay for all those coffees and lunches in town
  7. iPhone – the #2 visuable girl boss essential
  8. Pink Sunglasses – for those unexpected rays of sunshine
  9. Camera – the #3 visuable girl boss essential
  10. Necklace – to achieve that signature look
  11. Lipstick – every girl needs a lipstick
  12. Business Cards – there is always an opportunity to network


Lidia’s brand and business story can be followed across social media on with the links below – be sure to introduce yourself, especially if your own brand could do with a revamp! And don’t forget that you can join Lidia’s free brand builder Facebook group ’52 weeks to #visuablebrandimpact ‘ (Featuring; weekly prompts to get your creative juices flowing, photographic techniques to improve your content, a fab entrepreneurial community to hang out with and visual marketing strategies that grow your online brand.) I’m a member and I love the energy there.

It’s completely free to join, perhaps i’ll see you over there! (Check it out here or search #VisuableBrandImpact on Facebook)


Have a fabulous rest of the week,

I look forward to sharing another inspiring lady with you next week,

Jennifer x



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