What’s in Your Handbag, Steph Roberts?

On Monday I met with 30 year old Steph Roberts from Liverpool.  Steph started out as a sole trader, personal training in 2014 after gaining a first class degree, completing a scholarship in Colorado and winning the Leon Atkinson Memorial award for outstanding achievement during her time at University.  Seeing an opportunity (offering more affordable personal trainer training with high quality service) she co-founded Origym Personal Training Ltd in 2014.  In the short time since then she has been expanding the brand with fantastic success.  As with many entrepreneur, she says she still has plenty to achieve before her vision is complete.  I love that as someone that has travelled extensively, Steph considers her growing company her next great adventure.

For the second time since we started our Inspiring Woman of the Week series, we have a lady that tends not to carry a handbag for work, but a back pack!  Whether a handbag or a backpack, I’m so intrigued by what different ladies carry with them for work.  It gives a peek into the lives of different careers and passions and I love to see where the overlaps lie.

Maybe i’m just nosy!

Over to you Steph, please can you tell us; what’s in your backpack? 


  1. Macbook Pro – My entire business is on here from the internal quality assurance samples through to the ever expanding arsenal of resources I develop for our students; instructional videos, e-learning courses, quizzes etc.
  2. Ipad – This is usually to either play music/audio books whilst I work, as a training aid with a member of staff or as a portable data collector when observing an assessment (carrying out internal quality assurance)
  3. Bose QuietComfort 35 – These are my escape from the world!! They are used as a sign of “I’m busy….disturb me if you dare” haha.
  4. Rayban light reading glasses – The last year after I’ve spent more time at my computer than ever before and its taking its toll on my eyes…either that or I am getting old!!
  5. Money/cards – self explanatory
  6. Medication – I have fibromyalgia and suffer from constant nerve pain. I usually keep it at bay with exercise and a well balanced diet however sometimes its not enough and the odd paracetamol/ibuprofen can help see the day out.
  7. Gym Kit – well this is technically my uniform when “on the job”. I always have it to hand in case I need to jump into teaching at some point or if I forget my gym kit.
  8. Deodorant – is a must!
  9. Perfume – as above really …. No excuse for bad smells ha!
  10. Comb – I’m quite a laid back individual and my style does reflect that so a little bit of hair product (see 11) a comb through and I’m usually good to go.
  11. Redken powder – as above
  12. Tape measure – This is the one item I always seem to waste time looking for when I need it. It comes in very handy for more reasons than one would expect in my line of work.

Thank you Steph.  A lovely little peek into your world, and a fine example of what I was saying just before.

For example, would we have guessed that always active Steph suffers from constant pain?  Or got the idea to get our own pair of big headphones to use as a sign to others ‘I’m busy!’?  (I’m ordering a set as soon as I finish here!)


If you missed Stephs Q&A, click here to take a look and get to know this inspiring lady a little better .  It’s a quick 4 minute read and a must see if you know of anyone wanting to go into business as a personal trainer.

Steph’s journey can be followed across social media on with these links here


Be sure to say hi, and join her on her as she grows this fabulous business.  If you, or anyone you know wants to build your own business as a personal trainer – definitely get in touch!  Steph has very kindly offered our readers a huge 20% off any Origym personal trainer course (and remember that you can get government help with the cost in the UK too) – just let her know that you saw her generous offer here.

Until next time, have a fabulous end of the week and keep doing amazing things in your own career,

Jennifer x

To meet more inspirational women in our Q&A series click here, to have a peek into these ladies handbags, click here.







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