What’s in Your Handbag, Michelle Reeves?

I absolutely love meeting new people, and then shouting about the amazing people I meet (so that all of our networks can grow!).  So a couple of weeks ago I decided that every week on the Jennifer Hamley Blog, I would delve a little deeper into the lives of inspirational women I meet in the business world, and share them with you.  Easy networking, right?

On Monday I chatted to Michelle Reeves, a truly passionate Goals and Success Coach who is helping busy mamas everywhere to achieve their dreams.  (If you missed our chat, you can catch up here.)  Today (because we all love a good nosey) Michelle is back with me to show us what she carries in her handbag.  More specifically, in her Model KT work bag!

 Over to you Michelle;

1. Go the extra mile notebook – I always have to have a notebook to hand to capture ideas for my business, for social media posts, for blog posts, for coaching and brand clients etc.  Being inspired every day is one of the positive habits I teach in my Happiness Habits Routine™ eCourse and I just love that the cover of this notebook from Homesense inspires me to go beyond what I think I’m capable of.

2. Photo prop – I carry around a few photo props when I’m out and about – you never know when inspiration is going to strike! And these A4 cards are great for quick Instagram snaps

3. A5 Filofax – my trusty A5 Filofax in signature orange – a perfect match for my Model KT – goes everywhere with me. It houses the planner pages and goals sheets that I give my students in the Happiness Habits Routine™ eCourse to stay on top of their positive habits every day and it really keeps me accountable with my big scary dreams and plans.

4. Soulful Woman Guidance Card – I’m very results driven but I’ve started using these guidance cards to connect in with myself on another level and I’m loving the whole process of focusing on my feminine energy.

5. Screen wipes – a must for cleaning my phone camera for social media snapping on the go!

6. Selfie stick – I couldn’t include my Samsung Galaxy phone as I was using it to take the picture but for longer shots, video and going live I love this collapsable selfie stick that fits perfectly in one of the many pockets in my Model KT.

7. Pens – I have some lovely fountain pens at home but a simple and functional Bic that I can scribble with quickly suits me just fine. And a gold pen for highlighting with a little bit of bling!

8. Moo business cards – from my favourite business card printer – they come with this useful box and the quality is just fabulous.

9. Mulberry purse – I bought this purse at Heathrow when we left the UK for our China adventure… it matches my Bayswater handbag and has definitely stood the test of time.

10. Mirror – for those last minute touch-ups.

11. Make-up essentials – my favourite lipstick; a Clinque Chubby Stick in Two Ton Tomato, Elizabeth Arden 48 hour cream lip salve and a mini handcream.

12. Nakd Bar – healthy snack bars are a must for a yummy pick-me-up between meals.

13. Shopping bag – one of the fabulous additional features of my Model KT (along with the zip-off clutch and pouch for wires/make-up) is this reusable bag which is an absolute god-send for some last minute shopping after meetings.

Michelle’s Salamander Model KT work bag enjoying some sun!
You can find our more about Michelle across the internet with these links – an absolute must see for Busy Mamas and Busy Bloggers!
Michelle is offering her 5-day mini-course for FREE – How to Overcome Overwhelm with tips and handouts to help you create an action plan to get back on top fast, all delivered straight to your inbox.  If you fancy it you can sign up here.
Until next time, keep on being fabulous.
Jennifer x



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