What’s in Your Handbag, Helena Hills?


On Monday I chatted to Helena Hills, co-founder of the world’s only sports specific coffee, multi award winning; TrueStart.  If you missed our conversation where we chatted about launching a successful brand, staying close to your customer and trusting your gut, you can visit and read here.

Today, winner of the coveted Natwest Everywoman ‘Brand of the Future’ award, Helena Hills is back to show us what she carries in her handbag. I say handbag, Helena’s usual day to day work bag is her rather fabulous IronMan backpack!  The vibrant orange and blue bag has the slogan ‘Anything is Possible’ on the front.  So very fitting – I love it.

So Helena, its over to you.  What’s in your bag?

1. My wallet. Funnily enough, I usually just have a couple of bank cards chucked in my bag which are impossible to find when I need them! Today though, my wallet is in there which is great!

2. My awesome blue car-shaped mouse – this cost me about two pounds on Amazon and I can’t be without it. It’s awesome, the headlights light up really bright blue!

3. Good old Macbook Air – it weighs nothing and comes with me everywhere. I keep the old TrueStart logo for sentimental reasons, and the new one obviously too. The yellow sticker represents helpfulpeeps – my husband’s social enterprise which is a website where you can ask for help  whenever you want and help others whenever you can, for free!

4. TrueStart thermos – this thermos was a prototype and I really love it, it keeps my TrueStart warm for hours! Not that it usually lasts that long.

5. My Promixx – this is such a cool electric protein mixer, it creates a vortex so my drink has no lumps!
In the little container I keep some Huel – it’s a nutritionally complete real food in powder form, stuff like coconut oil and flaxseed. It’s basically a healthy small meal when I need it on the go. Much better than grabbing a sandwich!

6. Deodorant – boring but necessary. This Mitchum brand is the only one I can get along with – is that weird?

7. Snowman fold-up bag for life – I love this little bag! Mum gave it to me two years ago and it’s still kicking around in my rucksack – I use it all the time!

8. Notebook – I’m always taking notes. The beautiful Mont Blanc pen was a leaving gift from my colleagues at Mimecast – before I left my career to work on TrueStart full time. They chose red to  match my hair!

9. Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer – oh God I am addicted to these. I rediscovered them last year and introduced them to Simon, who had never had one before! My Dad is Glaswegian and I used to love these as a kid.

10. 9BAR – I tend to have either a 9BAR or a Nakd bar in my bag when I’m after a non-caffeinated healthy snack! Can you tell I get hungry a lot?! Simon will also tell you that I’m susceptible to  hanger – it’s not pretty, so having snacks to hand is important!

11. TrueStart Hero bar – the best bar on the market! The power of TrueStart Coffee in your pocket and unbelievably delicious if I don’t say so myself. If I’m training first thing, I’ll have a Hero pre-workout and eat breakfast after. Also ace when you’re on the go with no coffee in your hand…

12. Sachets of TrueStart Performance Coffee – these are a must. Either for my own consumption (they mix with hot or cold water!) or I often end up giving them out to strangers I get talking to, so they can try TrueStart for themselves.

13. Headphones – all part of my new year’s resolution to listen to more podcasts. I’m thinking about treating myself to a better pair though, these are rubbish!

14. Business cards – for obvious reasons!

15. A sleepy mask – I always sleep with one but I’m not sure how this ended up in my bag! Maybe because I had a 4:47 train last week and thought I’d kip on the train. Wishful thinking! I ended up doing work instead.

16. TrueStart thermal headband – it’s cold! This is instead of a hat, it takes up less space.

17. Phone – complete with cool wallpaper. There definitely are no silver bullets!

18. Hairbrush – my hair gets really knotted in winter because of my scarf so I need this!

19. Gloves – again, it’s cold!

20. Make up bag plus two of favourite items in it – my Liz Earle sheer skin tint which makes me look human even when I’m absolutely knackered, and my ProBalm lip salve – I get quite dry lips in winter. I’m also a fan of carrying a little pot of coconut oil with me which I use as moisturiser, it seems to have escaped my bag today though.


Helena’s journey can be followed across social media on with these links here – say hi, and join her on her epic journey!

For Helena


For TrueStart


If you’ve never tried TrueStart but would LOVE to, friends of Jennifer Hamley can claim an exclusive 25% discount until the end of January – just enter the code JEN25 at checkout.  You can visit their website here, and read some raving reviews here.

You can check out Monday’s inspiring interview with Helena here (or click the image below and you’ll be taken  right there.)

Until next time, keep being fabulous,

Jennifer x



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