She had Style and Grace – A Personal Post

Two days ago my beautiful grandmother passed away.  Surely I shouldn’t be so sad; her battle is over and she is no longer in pain.  But still I feel like the bottom of my heart has cracked open and has emptied out onto the floor.

My grandma Lilian.  OUR grandma. 

Always humming a little tune to herself.  She was a stylish and graceful lady – always immaculately dressed with her hair done.  As loving as a grandmother could be.  And hilariously terrified of daddy long legs’!

I’ve felt a long way from home the past couple of days.  A long way from my grandad who has lost his life partner.  From my mum who has lost her mother, from my dad and brother and sister, from the rest of my family who loved her.  

I’ve not been there to give hugs or hold hands, to cry or let cry.  I’ve not been there to help with arrangements or to just make tea.  But I will always remember the time that she told me she admired my sense of adventure, and to keep on doing what makes me happy.

At a loss of what to do today, I took to my sketch book and thought of what perfect handbag I could see her with.  Within 30 seconds I had the design in my mind, I sketched it and it came out as I see her with it in my vision.

This one is for you Grandma. I love you.



4 thoughts on “She had Style and Grace – A Personal Post

  1. So sorry lovely, but….this hand bag is incredible!! An amazing revive of my nans favourite hand bag too. You are so very talented lovely xxx


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