And the winner is… #JenniferHamleyWish


What an amazing contest the #JenniferHamleyWish list was – I absolutely LOVED seeing all the entries, the generosity, the beautiful items from every corner of the internet.  I must admit that I have added a few of the items to my own wish list.

On Monday, it was time to choose our lucky winner, so Live on Facebook, we put all of the entries into a random number generator (it took us a good part of the day to find all the #JenniferHamleyWish entries and tags across social media – thank you so much for all of your efforts, you kept us busy!) and our winner was chosen.  I’m not sure if you saw the video of the draw, but I was actually shaking with excitement and nerves!

Our winner is Louise Moodie, who wished for our handpainted Salamander Model KT work bag – ‘to brighten up the winter months’ she explained, along with a gorgeous Rosie Fortesque Kite Ring, limited edition Gold Anthropologie Monogrammed ‘L’ mug, pretty NYX Velvet Matte lipstick in Soft Femme and the book ‘Alexander McQueen, Blood Beneath the Skin by Andrew Wilson (which I REALLY want to read too).

Great choices, right?  We had a little bit of trouble finding the golden Monogrammed mug as Anthropologie make them just once a year as a special edition, and unfortunately had sold out of ‘L’ – in both the UK and USA.  Louise decided to go for their Petal Palette mug instead, so we’ve got that winging its way to her.


As a celebration of the #JenniferHamleyWish contest, and to say thank you to everyone for their efforts and involvement we are offering EVERYBODY 20% off anything on our website!  (Including our golden boxes – email if you want to go for one of these, they are the perfect choice for Christmas as the receiver gets to choose the colour of their purse or bag)


We are also offering FREE shipping on all UK orders, and FREE WORLDWIDE shipping on orders over £150 – final shipping dates are 19th for USA and 20th December for the UK, for packages to be enjoyed for Christmas Day.

And as a little icing on the cake, a little gift from us. FREE Hotel Chocolat chocolates for every order up until the 20th December.  Hotel Chocolat featured a lot on our #JenniferHamleyWish list entries, so I thought it would be a fab little gift for you to enjoy (or to give as a gift).

Use the code WISHLISTGIFT at checkout to get your 20% discount, free shipping and chocolates!

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones,

Jennifer x




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