Is it too early to make a list?

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Is it too early to make a list?  Never!  I love making lists of all the gorgeous things in the world at any time of year – just in case someone asks what I really want, I don’t want to be put on the spot, right?

My wish list this year has a different feeling to winters past.  No cosy warm socks, hats and gloves, no sparkly party dresses or warming alcoholic beverages.  This year my list reflects my decision to live as a Digital Nomad moving to Bali (eek and yey!).  Flights are booked for travel on the 6th December and I have absolutely no idea what to expect!

So if anyone is wondering, on my wish-list this year would be;


  1. Anya Hindmarch Space invaders Bathhurst Satchel

Anya Hindmarch is one of my most favourite designers.  Gorgeous materials, colours and luxury all blended together with a dash of humour and cleverness.  When I saw her catwalk show introducing her collection of pixelated designs, I fell in love with this python-pixel-space-invaders version of her classic Bathhurst satchel.  Also, it’s got turquoise/teal and geometric pixelated python print.  It’s to die for.

  1. Novella beaded kaftan from Anthropologie

 When we first decided to spend some time in Indonesia (I feel so lucky that I can travel and work at the same time) I actually Googled ‘do people wear jeans in Bali’ as I had no idea what clothes to keep and what I needed to get rid of.  I swiftly started a Pinterest board of all the beautiful new floaty outfits that I will be wearing to keep cool when we get there.  This kaftan was from that board – I love the colours, it’s so dreamy.

  1. Geometric Rose Gold necklace from Amourium 

I love pale gold and pale rose gold (nothing too yellow or too pink) and I also love geometric shapes and patterns – so it makes sense that I adore geometric fine jewellery.  The blend of strong shapes, pattern and lines, with the fine detail really light me up inside.  This necklace is just one of many that I have my eye on right now.

  1. Michael Kors Rose Gold Adrianna I sunglasses

I can’t head off to Bali without a fabulous pair of sunglasses!  The subtly sexy cats eye shape and reflective lenses make these perfect.  Again, a pale rose gold, a trend is appearing.

  1. River Island Gold Chain Earrings

 I got my first pair of chain drop earrings about 18 months ago and I just can’t get enough pairs of them.  I wear them with casual outfits or dressed up, I think it’s the fluid movement and lightness of the chains that I love so much.  Send me long chain earrings, lots of them!

  1. Sophia Webster Evangaline gold and white leather sandals

 These shoes!  Possibly not the most practical shoes to wear in Bali, but, WOW!  Just looking at them makes me happy.  I’ve always liked to wear statement shoes and when I discovered Sophia Webster I found a piece of heaven.  Much like Anya Hindmarch, she isn’t afraid to show her personality; I like that a lot.

  1. Khongboon Aqua and Black Chervon Bikini

Geometric pattern, check.  Turquoise, check.  Beach wear, check.  Adorable bikini that I would LOVE to wear under that Kaftan!

  1. Canon 750D DSLR camera

I take A LOT of photographs, for both work and pleasure.  I’m not very good at the technical side and will always use a professional photographer when I can, but for times when I just want to capture the moment, this camera would do very nicely thank you.

  1. Apple 12 inch MacBook in Gold

I currently have a small laptop because I move around a lot and if I have to carry something, I want it to be as portable as possible.  Unfortunately, it is quite fat (so takes up room in my bag) and quite old, so it will need replacing one day.  I LOVE the new Macbook as its slim and weighs less than a kilo – and comes in GOLD!  Perfect.  (The rose gold version is a little too pink for my tastes)

  1. Jennifer Hamley Model KT leather work bag in Teal 

The one thing on my list that I actually already have, but I wouldn’t be without it; The Model KTs in Teal.  I just LOVE the colour and fell in love with the leather long before I’d even designed the bag.  I call it my mobile office as it fits everything I need for my digital nomad lifestyle (when I get my super slim Macbook I’ll have even more space inside, right?)  It is great for travelling (on top of my wheely suitcase and fits perfectly under the plane seat) and I ALWAYS use the clutch when it’s time to finish work and head out for some fun and relaxation.  I guess I shouldn’t sing the praises of my own design I, but I do love it.


So there we have it, my dream wish list *sigh*.  Even with the move to live in warmer climes, It’s fun to see that a bit of  winter sparkle still got in my list – I had no idea how much I loved everything gold until I put it all together.

I have an extra special announcement coming tomorrow, so do be sure to check in here and on our Facebook page.  I’ll be asking what would be on your wish-list, and maybe, just maybe we will be able to make your #JenniferHamleyWish come true!

See you tomorrow,



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