What’s in Your Handbag, Karen Lowe?

What's in your handbag Karen LoweOn Monday I chatted to the gorgeous image consultant/stylist/fashion entrepreneur/#BadassBusinessBabe, Karen Lowe, as we shared a love of skiing, style and self belief.  If you missed it and want to read about Karen’s insights on business, her work/life balance and advice on dealing with fear of failure, you can catch up here

I’m pleased to say that Karen is back with me today and is all set to share what she carries in her beautiful ‘Modalu, London’ handbag.


Karen’s handbag is the iconic ‘Pippa’ model from Modalu in leopard print.  Modalu named this design after Pippa Middleton when they sent four handbags in different colourways to her as a gift.  Once the bag had been photographed being used by the sister of the UK’s future queen, the Modalu brand boomed – especially sales of the Pippa model.  What they did for this publicity was extremely clever and I completely admire the company’s guts for doing it – it certainly paid off.  I love Karen’s leopard print version,lets see what Karen carries inside this pocket filled beauty:

Over to you Karen…


  1. – I always have a hat with me in case it rains.  My hair is naturally curly so if my fringe gets wet it starts to curl up and looks awful!
  2. – My necklace which I took off yesterday during a shop with a client – it was really heavy and annoying me so I took it off and have forgotten to take it out
  3. – Headphones.  I love music and am always listening to it and singing along.  I love walking somewhere listening to an upbeat song and often sing out along – people must think I’m crazy
  4. – Snacks – I’ve very bad at skipping lunch especially if I’m with a client so always try to have healthy snacks to keep me going.  Having gone dairy free 5 weeks ago I’m obsessed with Nakd bars – they’re so tasty and full of goodness
  5. – Business cards – you never know who you might meet or where an opportunity may arise and I can’t put them in my purse otherwise it won’t close.
  6. – Variety of lipsticks/lipsalve.  I tend to get dry lips so love this Aloe lip salve from Forever – it’s so moisturising and smells lovely. I like the idea of wearing lipstick but often feel self-conscious in them so tend to stick to more natural shades. I’d love to rock a bright red lip one day though….
  7. – Pens – I always have loads of them in my bag as my daughter tends to steal them if I leave them out so I hide them away in there!  Mean mum!
  8. – Diary – I tend to duplicate my appointments in various places so I always know where I’m supposed to be although sometimes I forget and can get myself into trouble….don’t say anything Jen!!  (I wouldn’t say a thing about our comedy diary mix-ups, Karen! – Jen)
  9. – Leopard print Biba purse.  I love this purse and had my eye on it for ages.  At £100 I decided it was too expensive so I waited for it to go in the sale, it went down to £50 and still I waited…patience isn’t my strong point but it was worth the wait.  Eventually I got it for £29  and was very smug about it too!  I love leopard print as you can see from my bag too.  It’s a print that never dates although I know that it’s a bit like Marmite for a lot of women, you either love it or hate it.
  10. – Chewing gum.  Keeps your breath fresh and is good for your teeth after eating….


 If you would like to connect with Karen, you can find her across the internet here;
Stay wonderful,
Jen xx

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