What’s in your handbag, Helen Thornber?

What's in you handbag Helen ThornberOn Monday I chatted to inspirational business coach, super-woman and my own personal head-space-sorter-outer, Helen Thornber.  We chatted about things that can cause women to feel held back when running their own business, and we promised to share the reasons why Helen will ALWAYS carry unicorn farts with her.

I’m thrilled to say that Helen is back with me today, and is all set to share what she keeps in her gorgeous handbag.

Over to you Helen!

I am soooo picky about bags. I am ashamed to admit that making the decision to buy a bag takes way longer than the decision to put an offer in on a house. I’d label myself a “recovering perfectionist” but when it comes to bags I still hate settling for anything less than perfect. Usually the bag design I have in my head doesn’t exist in real life… but with this beauty it was love at first sight!


I was kicking myself when I’d spotted it because after months of searching (no exaggeration!) I’d recently bought one that was almost good enough, but as my birthday was approaching I thought I’d drop some heavy hints. That plan failed miserably. But by the time my birthday had been and gone it was in the sale! Hurrah!!!


  1. Lip BalmDay-to-day my make up is fairly minimal, but I do try to keep my lips moisturised, I’ve found Unicorn Farts are the best thing for the job!!!
  2. PurseI usually get bored with purses quickly, but I’ve lost track of how long I’ve had this one. I spotted it in TKMaxx and fell in love immediately.
  3. ChargerI don’t know how I survived before I carried a charger with me.
  4. SnacksJust in case I’m out and about I don’t get a chance to eat. I usually stick a bottle of water in my bag too.
  5. Tissues & Wet Wipes – If there is something to spill then I will usually spill it! I rarely wear white clothes and I live in constant fear of making a mess. The last thing I got down me was chocolate ice cream, and I didn’t have my trusty wet wipes handy… that’ll teach me!!!
  6. NotebookI usually have a notebook of some size and shape in my bag, but most of the time I find myself frantically typing ideas and reminders into my iPhone!
  7. PensThey have to be bright colours…
  8. KeysMy front door key is the only one I carry with me at all times, but I have to have a bit of glitter in my bag so my sparkly keyrings keep it company!
  9. SunglassesI’m still mourning the loss of my previous pair of sunglasses to a seal in St Ives Bay last summer. They were a £1 impulse buy, but somehow managed to be the first pair of glasses I actually loved wearing. These ones do the job… for now!
  10. HairbrushI rarely use it, but when hubby moans about how much I carry around in my bag I protest that I can’t leave the house without it!
  11. UmbrellaAn essential item when you live in the UK!
  12. Tote BagI was given this for my birthday last year and I love it!!! Always good to whip out when I do some unexpected shopping.

Find out more from Helen about how to get more done in less time without stress & overwhelm AND how you can book a FREE Overcoming Overwhelm & Finding Focus 1:1 Coaching Session.

If you would like to connect with Helen, you can find her across the internet here – I highly recommend getting to know her.


Stay wonderful,

Jen xx


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