Q&A Monday with Helen Thornber


Have you ever felt like there is so much you need to do, everything is a priority and you don’t know where to start? Do you end up being completely overwhelmed and getting nowhere? Helen Thornber is a qualified coach who works with women to help them make time for their business without neglecting the 101 other things happening in their lives.

2015 was going to be her “quiet” year. Instead she accidentally ended up experiencing three of the most stressful life changing events, while holding down a full-time job AND building a business. She isn’t a superhero, and most definitely doesn’t have the perfect life. She’s a fully-flawed human being, like the rest of us, with far too many things to do. The difference is that these days Helen is in complete control and knows exactly what to do next without getting overwhelmed… and now she helps others achieve that too!

Hi Helen, it’s lovely have you here – I’d love for you to share some of your secrets with my readers.  How are you today?

I’m great!  Hubby’s out this evening so I’m having some ‘me’ time.  Although there is always tons of silliness and fun in our home, my inner single girl still loves having a little bit of time all to myself without having to think about anyone else!

I think we all do!  Especially when the work/home life boundaries are blurred. Tell me, when you decided to start out in business, how did you know it was the right time?

This is the second time I’ve had my own business.  With the first I completely lost sight of why I started in the first place, worked seven days a week and ended up being completely exhausted while struggling to make ends meet.  I went back to work full-time, but knew I couldn’t settle for a life of 9-5 for the next 30+ years.  I also knew if I was going to run my own business again I needed to do it differently.  I first discovered coaching seven years ago and have been passionate about it ever since, so when I got a chance to formally qualify as a coach in my day job I jumped at the chance.  I changed jobs at the end of 2014, and I missed coaching so much I decided to take the plunge and start coaching small business owners in evenings and at weekends.  After my first session I knew it was what I wanted to do full-time so I’ve grown it from there coaching women in UK, USA & Australia along the way…


That’s so exciting, I love how the internet brings the world, and opportunities closer for us.  So, what’s next for you, any exciting challenges ahead?

Tons!!!  A week before we got married in March we got a huge surprise to find out we’re expecting our first baby, and kickstarted the process of buying the house.  With all this going on there were moments when I wasn’t sure if I could keep growing the business alongside the day job with so many other things happening in our lives at once, but thinking about the future I’d imagined for our family made me more determined than ever to make my coaching business a success.  It’s been a huge challenge at times as I’ve suffered with fatigue throughout my pregnancy.  I was really ill in my first trimester and I’m yet to experience the energy boost everyone was promising me I would have!  But it is an amazing learning curve because I have so much to do, while making sure I’m looking after myself and not getting stressed… after all I have a mini-me to keep healthy too now!  I’ve been fascinated with mindset and productivity for years, and this has made me put it all into practice so I can make progress while keeping overwhelm and anxiety at an all time low!  And as someone who has spent over a decade living with depression that is something I am incredibly proud of.

I really can’t believe what has happened for you in the last few months, so much has changed.  You’ve just taken it all in your stride when so many may have given up. With your experiences, what do you believe are the top three things that might hold women, in particular, back in business?

Trying to do everything, getting overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. I’ve learned that you can do everything, but you have to change your ideas about what that means. Having a really clear vision for your business and life can help you really focus on which actions will have the biggest impact, so you can make more progress in less time. It’s also about knowing what’s really important to you in the rest of your life so you can prioritise time for that, and say “no” to other things. It’s something that has taken me YEARS to crack and what I love helping other people to do now.


Waiting for permission. It’s only recently I’ve learned to trust my own judgement. Feedback and approval is great for testing if a product or service will sell, but we find ourselves bombarded with advice for every part of our business. Everyone has an opinion, but it is so important to know that there is no one “right” way to do things. It’s not that the advice is crap, or you are crap for not being able to follow it… it just doesn’t fit your circumstances. I see so many women looking for answers, when I know what they really need is the confidence to believe in themselves. If you think your way is the best then sometimes you just have to go for it and take action, without worrying what anyone else will think. You are the person who knows what’s best for your business.

Feeling like you’re behind on everything. Drowning in a massive to-list and comparing yourself to everyone else are two ways that we start feeling really crappy about our own progress, and can waste a huge amount of time worrying that we should be further ahead. The fastest way to get there is to take action, but I know that is easier said than done. Learning to get confident and comfortable in a pace that’s right for you and your business will make a big difference. One client who came to me feeling like she was running out of time eventually realised that if things and been going faster she would have missed so many opportunities to learn. I am a firm believer that if you consistently take action focussed on your goals and long-term vision you will get there as quickly as possible. But we also need to remember that we’re creating a business where we can make a difference for many years to come… not just to make a quick buck. So we need to all give ourselves a break and enjoy the moment we’re in (especially the challenging ones!) because that’s where we learn the most and take our businesses to a whole new level of awesome!

Brilliant points Helen, I can definitely relate to all three of those, thank you for sharing with us today.  Have a wonderful few days and I will see you soon.

Later this week we’ll take a peek into Helen’s handbag and find out why she carries Unicorn Farts with her everywhere she goes!

Find out more from Helen about how to get more done in less time without stress & overwhelm AND how you can book a FREE Overcoming Overwhelm & Finding Focus 1:1 Coaching Session.

If you would like to connect with Helen and find out more from this amazing woman on how to be cool, calm & collected in your own business… and life, you can find her across the internet here;


Stay wonderful,

Jen x


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