Whats in your handbag Jennie Bayliss

On Monday I chatted to Jennie Bayliss from Office Wings (if you missed Jennie’s top tips on business, you can find the post here).  I’m pleased to say that Jennie is back today and all set to let us take a peek into her personal life, and see what she carries in her handbag.

Michael Kors jet Set tote

Saffanio leather Jet Set Travel Tote

Jennie tells me that she usually has her daughter’s cast off handbags – the handbags are hardly used so she is normally very happy with the arrangement!  However, on a trip to New York City last October, Jennie decided it was time to treat herself.  She popped into Macy’s and purchased this Saffiano leather, Jet Set tote by Michael Kors.  Perfectly roomy with lots of pockets for her busy lifestyle.  Jennie loves big spacious bags that can fit in all her day-to-day bits, she likes handbags to have space for carrying things for clients too.

Over to you Jennie…

Jennie Bayliss Michael Kors What's in Your Handbag numbered.

  1. Ipad and iphone – essential tools in my business and mean I can work from anywhere, quickly and without my laptop.
  2. Paper diary – a back up to on online one and where I keep papers that relate to upcoming events.
  3. Inhaler – one of my daughters has asthma
  4. Paracetamol – not many days go by when somebody I am with needs pain relief, and a bad headache can spoil a day.
  5. Pens – usually either none or 20!
  6. Tissues
  7. Bank fobs and connection fobs
  8. Notebook – contains useful information on everything I need and acts as a quick jotter
  9. A power lead for the iphone/ipad – battery life on the iphone is terrible so they is a real must!
  10. Lipgloss – I’m not overly bothered about lipstick but I usually have a lipgloss or lipsil in my bag
  11. Purse – with money (sometimes) and cards in
  12. Chewing gum – helps stave off hunger
  13. Box of business cards – always handy to have some cards in your bag just in case!
  14. Make up bag – a few essential items (hand band, small hairbrush, face powder and eyeliner) just in case a meeting or something comes up

As well as this, there is usually a fair bit of rubbish including tissues, sweet wrappers and any post I have picked up on my way out the house!!

Thank you so much for sharing with us today Jennie.

If you would like to connect with jennie, you can reach her:


I also found this funny quick fire Q&A with Jennie that made me chuckle – remember, she likes ice cream best, with a flake and sauce!

Stay wonderful,

Jen xx


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