WIYH StephaineOn Monday we met Stephanie Roper, Stylish fashion entrepreneur also known as The Wardrobe Angel.  Today, she is letting us get to know her more intimately and showing us what is in her beautiful handbag.  Over to you, Steph…

My handbag is a Mulberry Effie Tote in black. I had this bag pinned to my Bag Candy Pinterest Board for months before I bought it in October 2014. You can see on the board my progression through tote bags until I decided on a Mulberry Effie Tote; it’s the last pin I pinned. It is so unbelievably special to me – in the midst of a stressful period of buying a house and moving I was offered an amazing piece of work which paid very well; I used the money to buy my Mulberry. This might seem odd to you – moving was expensive, never mind buying a house! – but Rich and I spoke about it at length. When he said “you work really hard, you deserve it” that made up my mind.

Stephs mulberry Effie tote hanabag

I took a day off, phoned the Mulberry shop in Manchester checking they had one in stock then took the train over, brimming with excitement. It felt like Christmas. Fast forward 4months and I have used that bag every single day. It was worth the wait and I love it. And I love that in a way it was a joint purchase: I never hid the price from Rich, there was no hiding the receipt, no guilt. Just joy: knowing how hard I had worked and that I deserved my Mulberry bag.

The Wardrobe angel handbag contents

What’s in my bag?

  1. Diary and Notepad – now these both fit in my handbag I carry them everywhere.
  2. Whistles clutch – doubles as a make-up bag and is there in case of emergency night-time manoeuvres involving evening networking events or nights out.
  3. Maybelline 24 hour Super Stay Lipstick – I think I should take out shares in Maybelline I use so much of this lip colour (Red Passion 510). It doesn’t budge though, no matter how much tea I drink!
  4. Maybelline Powder – my moon-like pores quake in the presence of this bad boy!
  5. Phone – with the coolest cover. It’s an American ketchup bottle. Look at the little face! Enough to brighten any day!
  6. Keys to mine and Rich’s first home – my Mum got me these cool key covers with monkeys on. Get it?! The slab of quartz keyring was from a good friend Joban (I’m Carlos to her).
  7. Wallet – it’s big enough to be a bag in itself! I keep all my receipts for The Wardrobe Angel, personal receipts, vouchers, my talisman (a handwritten letter from a client thanking me for a wonderful day and for all the positive changes I initiated in her wardrobe), photos of Rich and I, photos of my nephews.
  8. Business Cards – I love my business cards: square, cute, synching with my brand perfectly. They have their own little pocket in my bag.
  9. Tape measure – when I’m with a client I’ll often take her measurements. It’s really handy when I’m planning a personal shop; instead of guessing whether an item will fit I’ll measure it.

If you want to find out more about Stephanie, I’ve added all of her links below.  She is such a dedicated and inspiring woman, I highly recommend getting to know her a little better.

Find Stephanie on…


or visit The Wardrobe Angel Website

Stay wonderful,

Jen xx


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