WIYH Emily FisherOn Monday we got to know Emily Fisher of Mermaid Gossip and Fishee Designs.  She delighted us with a quick fire Q&A session on life as a serial (and sparkly) entrepreneur.  (If you missed it, you can find it here).  Now it is time to take a peek into Emily’s handbag!

Emily Fisher Handbag Mermaid Gossip and Fishee Designs

I knew that Emily would not be a girl that travels light.  She is always working on something and a busy woman needs things with her at all times.  I also had a feeling that this might be the most colourful handbag yet, and I have not been disappointed – I love colour and I love geometric patterns.  I’m in snooping heaven.  Emily’s bag is a pink chevron Paul’s Boutique bag, which was a gift from a friend (in fact she made a ‘What’s in My Handbag?’ video back in January, which you can find here – I wonder how much the contents have changed?)

Over to you Emily…

Whats in my handbag Jen Hamley Fishee Designs Mermaid Gossip Hangbag Contents

1. MacBook
2. iPhone 6
3. D5200 (usually with a 35mm Lens)
4. Perfume
5. Chewing gum
6. ALL THE LIPSTICKS!! (This is NO Joke!!)
7. Lighting SD Card Reader
8. Nikon Remote
9. Sunglasses.
10. Colourful Pens
11. Cards.
12. iPad
13. Notebook
14. Spare camera battery
15. Lipbalm
16. iPhone/pad charger
17. Purse
18. Selfie Stick
If you want to keep up with Emily, I’ve added all of her links below.  Also, do check out her Fundsurfer Campaign – she’s got fabulous rewards on offer – take a peek at the video here.
I’m really enjoying the personalities that are coming through from these handbag posts – I hope you are too.  If you have anyone you would like me to feature (or you would like to!) let me know in the comments or email me and share with your friends.
Stay Wonderful
Jen xx

Connect with Emily here:



What's in Your handbag featuring Emily Fisher


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