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Back in February I collaborated with four friends to write a nerve wracking post titled ‘Ten Things I am Afraid to Tell You‘.  The feedback was astounding and prompted us to get together for a new challenge.  As a group we really inspire one another, so we wanted to do something that would push our own creativity whilst involving as many people as we can.  So we decided on this Instagram photo challenge and called it #InspirApril.

Each of us had 6 prompts to create, to fill all 30 days of April.  I really enjoyed reading what everyone came up with, I think our personalities and interests really shine through.  I’ll introduce the ladies to you, I’m sure you’ll be able to spot which 6 days each of us has devised…

Cassy is a style blogger, arts writer and cultural cheerleader. She is also the happy human slave of a persian cat called Eddie who I am sure you will meet during #InspirApril!  (Instagram @CassyFry)

Nikki is a singer/songwriter, blogger, illustrator and magnificent manifestor of all things.  I featured her on my blog a few weeks back when we peeked into her handbag & she shared the love on Q&A Thursday. (Instagram @NikkiLoyMusic)

Helen is a magnificent business coach and writer.  She used to be a fabulous web designer, but since retraining I believe she has found her true calling.  Helen gets married THIS WEEKEND, which means a lot of #InspirApril will be on her honeymoon! (Instagram @HelenThornber)

Amy is a beauty and holistic therapist and college lecturer.  Amy is also a writer, her blog , Amy-Loves, is dedicated to Self Care, Wellness & Inspiration.  She dreams of creating a community of holistic activists and living in Canada with her true love.  (Instagram @AmyLovesBlog)

You can find me on Instagram @JenniferHamley – I can’t wait to see your photos!

Now, onto the challenge!

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April 1st – YOUR STYLE

Show us something that sums up your personal style. It could be your favourite outfit, accessory, a print or pattern, or an entire sartorial collection.


Share lyrics from music that moves you, or take a photo inspired by a line from a song.


We’re talking amazing architecture, cutting edge furniture, high fashion or innovative inventions.

April 4th – WRITE A POEM

Get creative with language, write a haiku, pen some free verse, mix your metaphors, scribble some sentences, rhyme or don’t rhyme, or just play with random words.

April 5th –  ART YOU OWN

Show US the art you surround yourself with, whether paintings, prints, sculpture, ceramics or a beautiful bespoke piece of jewellery.


Take a picture of a stylish, creative person. That’s you!


Show us your favourite place! Is it a chair by the window, a beach on holiday, a mountain top retreat or your creative zone?

April 8th – I FEEL GOOD WHEN

What makes you feel good?

April 9th – MUSIC

What does it mean to you? Do you play an instrument? Do you love listening to vinyl or is silence music to your ears?

April 10th – GRATITIUDE

What are you grateful for today?

April 11th – MAKING MAGIC

Show us what makes you feel magical.

April 12th – BOSS UP

What makes you feel like The Boss, like you can take on the world, like ‘YOU GOT THIS’?! An outfit? A Car? A posture? An inspiring person?

April 13th – DREAM BIG  

What does your heart & soul desire? What would you do if there were no barriers or limits? What does that look like to you?

April 14th – OPPORTUNITY

What opportunities have come your way today to take you one step closer to your dream? It doesn’t matter how tiny or big it is, every opportunity is worth celebrating.

April 15th – ENERGY

Our energy levels change throughout every month, whether you’re on top of the world or under the duvet embrace your energy levels today and go with the flow. Share what that means to you.

April 16th – MY GOAL 

What are you working towards right now? Share an image of your progress or something that represents your goal.

April 17th – TIME

To achieve our goals and make our dreams come true we have to make time to work towards them and sometimes that’s the biggest challenge of all! Celebrate the time you’ve taken to work towards your dreams and goals today by sharing a picture of what you got up to.

April 18th – TAKING ACTION

It’s so easy to overthink and be indecisive when you need to take a step forward. Today I challenge you to take action in an area you’ve been procrastinating on. Share it with us so we can celebrate with you!

April 19th – INSPIRATION

What, where, who inspires you?

April 20th – SELF CARE 

What does self care mean to you? Do you have a self care ritual?

April 21st –  HAPPY PLACE

What does your happy place look like? Where do you feel most happy? It could be your house, your yoga mat, your grandparents, your favourite holiday destination.


What are your favourite products to use on your skin? Snap a picture of your holy grail products and tell us why you love them?

April 23rd –  FREEDOM

What does Freedom look like to you?

April 24th – PAMPER ME

How do you plan to pamper yourself today?

April 25th – CRYSTAL CLEAR 

Had a revelation?  Seeing things more clearly now?  Do you have a collection of crystals, or is there a beautiful body of clear water nearby…?

April 26th – MY SUPER HERO 

Maybe a fantasy figure, a member of your family, a celebrity or a pet?  Hero’s inspire us and are everywhere, who is yours today?

April 27th – WORK 

Employed, self employed, working on yourself, full time mum, student, party animal or…? – it’s all YOUR work, show us what work means to you.

April 28th – UPSIDE DOWN

Flip it.

April 29th – BIG LEAP

Have you made a big change in your life? Or are you about to?  Or do you just want to take flight on camera?  I’ll never grow bored of jumping photos!

April 30th – LOVE IS…

What is love?  Beautiful and messy? Science and magic?  Powerful and…?  What love is to you is what LOVE IS – please show us!


A few FAQ’s to help you on your way.

How do I join in?
It’s really easy. Save the image above, or like it on Instagram, so that you have a reminder of the prompts on your phone.  Then, use the prompts to inspire what photos you take and upload to to Instagram on the day stated.  Be sure to tag every photo with #InspirApril so that I can find and see them.  I’m going to regram and share my favourites, and feature them on my blog through April too!

How do I get the most out of this experience?

The challenge is designed to inspire you and to push you a little.  The best things happen outside of our comfort zones – so embrace the challenging days.  I advise taking some of your photos ahead of time.  There will be days when you feel super creative and will want to snap away at everything, and then days when you will barely want to think about it.  Use the saved photos to fill in the days where you are busy or not feeling it.  Also, it’s good to write something about your photo when you post it. This will give the photo’s meaning when you look back over them, and they will remind you of all the wonderful things you were doing during #InspirApril.

Are there other people joining the challenge, how do I find them?  Yes!  Search #InspirApril on Instagram and you will find challenge buddies.  Reach out to them by commenting on their photos, following them and letting them know you are doing the challenge too.  I’ve met a lot of my friends through social media (including all four of the girls that I’m collaborating on this with) and I would love it if you can make some connections too.

What if I miss a day?
Don’t worry, just catch up whenever you can.

Can I share the challenge on my Instagram?

Yes, please do! Also, feel free to use the #InspirApril image/graphic wherever you like.  It’s all about getting together and inspiring one another.  Just remember to use the hashtag #InspirApril so that we can find you.

That’s it, go for it and enjoy!!

Stay wonderful,

Jen xx


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