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On Monday I spoke to ReeRee Rockette; entrepreneur, speaker, writer and owner of London hair salons ‘Rockalily Cuts’ in London.  After enjoying some insights into life as a business dynamo I asked ReeRee if we could take a look into her handbag, so we can really get to know her.   ReeRee tells me her bag (which I adore!) is by Ted Baker; she explained to me that she feels really lucky that it was sent for review on her blog and she gets strangers complimenting her on it at least twice a week!


reerees Ted Baker handbag

Over to you ReeRee; What’s in your handbag?inside reeree bag numbered

  1. Cowgirl coin purse – I used to use a regular wallet, but actually in the last couple of years I’ve downsized to just using a coin purse. Lighter and smaller!
  2. Samsung Battery Charger – One of the crucial differences between android and iphones, is that I can carry a second battery around with me, for an easy switch over at any time.
  3. Leather Oyster Card Holder – I live in London and don’t drive, so an Oyster card for travel is pretty priceless!
  4. Headphones – I listen to a mixture of music on spotify and podcasts. My current favourites include Freakonomics and The Bottom Line on radio 4
  5. 3 sets of keys – Home and two salons mean that keys have certainly got clunky!
  6. Notepad+pen – I use mine as a bullet journal, which is a blend of calender, note pad, and todo lists. You’re meant to have it with you at all times for it to work effectively.
  7. Rockalily Lipstick and mirror – Before opening my salons, I used to have a lipstick brand; it’s still my go-to daily lipstick. The mirror has my Grandad on it.
  8. Chubby Stick – for my non-lipstick days I carry a Chubby stick as it’s like a mild stain and lip balm all in one.

 Want to get to know Reeree better?  You can find her on The Socials:

| TWITTER @ReeReeRockette | TWITTER @RockalilyLondon |

| INSTAGRAM @Rockalily | INSTAGRAM @RockalilyCuts | FACEBOOK |

 Read all the latest on her BLOG – highly recommended! 

Or visit one of the ROCKALILY CUTS salons for fun, pampering and a stunning hair style!

 Do you like this feature?  Do you want to share what is in your handbag whilst sharing business insights and inspirations?  Do you have someone that you want me to interview (I love a challenge, ask for anyone!) I’d love to hear from you – get in touch Jen@JenniferHamley.com or let me know in the comments.

Stay wonderful

Jen xx


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