Princess & The Pea CroppedOn Monday I introduced you to singer, songwriter, illustrator and non-stop creative, Nikki Loy, when she let us take a peek into her handbag.

I am infinitely inspired by women making it in business on their own terms, those that march to the beat of their own drum and Nikki is one of those women. I’m excited to say that I have her here again today to ask a few questions about what it takes to leave the day job and to go after your dreams…

Hi Nikki, it’s fantastic to have you here again! how are you doing?

I’m great thanks Jen, all the better for a little Winter holiday rest time!

Your 52 songs in 52 week challenge is mind-blowing, how have you managed to consistently come up with ideas and deliver on time?

I told everybody I would on BBC radio Oxford, and because of that I make myself do it. The pain of failing publicly is worse that the struggle to consistently create. Sounds horrid doesn’t it but it works for me!


What would be your top tip for sticking with it? (I have my 52 handbags in 52 weeks challenge coming up and I would love to know!)

Create rituals for yourself to make it special and to help trigger your creativity. I always sit down to my songwriting in the same way. I lyric dive in my journal with my first cup of tea in the morning staring out the window, I make sure I am near something that makes me feel connected to nature and the universe, I often light a candle too. Then after breakfast and I grab my songwriting tool kit and guitar and honing the flow of consciousness into a song. I stay with it till I have done it! Consistency is the key but you’ve got to make it as pleasurable as possible!  I wrote a blog about what I have learnt from my challenge so far – 20 lessons I have Learned from 20 weeks of songwriting which explains.

Who or what is your inspiration right now?

Amanda Palmer. I just read her book The Art of Asking! Wow, she moved me too tears over and over, and inspired me to keep creating and giving my work as a gift to the world.

When you made the leap from corporate job to full time creative, how did you know it was the right time?

A bunch of things fell into place at the same time, I moved to cheaper accommodation, my boss let me scale down from full-time to part time while I built my business, and I started busking and realised that people gave me more money in the street than my bosses were giving me at work! So I got rid of the day job completely.

If you could go back five years and give yourself one piece of business advice, what would that be?

Ahhh, just one? Think Big! And learn to ask for help! (And concentrate on your email list, not social media followers!)

What would happen on your perfect day?

I’d get up, have brekkie on a shady veranda, over looking the sea, I’d write for a bit, go for a swim, have lunch and hang out with my fella for the afternoon, get a massage and then go and play some rocking gig in the evening!! That would be awesome!nikki-sml

What’s next for Nikki Loy?

Well I am over half-way through the 52 week song challenge so I‘ve got more recording to work on, and then some albums launches, and yet more gigging!

I am definitely going to be using your advice for creating rituals for my own challenge coming up.  I’m really looking forward to hearing your upcoming songs – and coming to one of your gigs soon!  Thank you for sharing Nikki.

Nikki Loy   Can I Keep You   Music Video

To hear Nikki’s Music and see how she is getting on with her ’52 songs in 52 weeks’ challenge, visit  Nikki is actually offering you, yes you, free downloads – head over to her website to get them!

Download your free tracks from Nikki here 

And to keep up with Nikki on the socials…


I hope to see you next week when I will be back from Milan (& telling you all about it) and chatting to fabulous entrepreneur ReeRee Rockette – Blogger, columnist & owner of Rockalily Cuts salon, London.

Stay wonderful – Jen xx



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