I had a little bit of a nightmare recently with my blog.  In short, my web designer DELETED all of my content!  I know, right?! My published posts, my draft posts, my editorial calendar.  Everything!  I was not amused.  Instead of going crazy, I decided to look at this fuck up mistake in a positive light.  A new beginning and a fresh start sort of thing.

In celebration, here is my first post for my ‘brand new’ Blog.  Hurrah.

I decided late last year to start a regular feature called ‘What’s in Your Handbag?’ (and now I am finally getting around to starting it).  The simple idea for the post is that I will be asking ladies to show us the contents of their handbag, the things they carry around on a daily basis.  I believe that the things we choose to have with us show a snapshot of our personalities in a beautifully simple, yet striking way.   And we all love a nosey.

I thought it only fair that I start with what’s in MY handbag, so here goes.

Vivienne Westwood handbag
My Vivienne Westwood – a gift from my parents

This is my most favourite handbag, it’s by Vivienne Westwood and was a gift from my parents for my last birthday.  It is gorgeous.  It is blue leather with a red foil, which means it changes colour in the light – Amazing!  The lining is a patterned and luxurious, and it has enough pockets to please me.  I tend to carry a handbag 50% of the time and this is the one I would choose over any other in my collection.

I consider myself fairly tidy in regards to handbag contents.  I like to use all the pockets and then have other things in easy reach.  I will carry just my purse for the time when I don’t carry a handbag.  It very rarely makes it into my bag, I tend to just carry it or keep it in a pocket.

OK, so here are the daily contents of my lovely Vivienne…

Jennifer Hamleys handbag

1 – My pencil case, full with pens, pencils, Sharpies, highlighters, a craft knife and glue stick – I never know when creativity will strike so I don’t go anywhere without it.  2 – Lip balm, silky soft lips are happy lips. 3 – Mints, I like to have something to freshen up after meeting which involves coffee, or during long journeys.  4 – My notebook.  I found this little wooden beauty in the local card shop for just 75p, I drew the heart on the front like the hearts carved on trees because I think they are adorable tokens of love (though I’ve never attacked a real tree in this way!)  5 – My house keys.  I used to carry a huge bunch of keys around like a jailer.  I realised I was still carrying keys from a house I no longer lived in, so now I just carry the my two front door keys. (oh! I just realised I didn’t put them in the picture!!)  6 – A book, I always carry a book – I love to read.  7 – My phone, affectionately referred to as ‘Triggers’ Broom’ (old skool reference to ‘Only Fools and Horses’.)   It has more new parts on it than it does original, it’s been down the (clean!) toilet and on a full washing machine cycle and it is still alive. I’ve had it for many years, which is a change from when I was known for losing and killing phones on a regular basis.  8 – My phones’ life support.  I use my phone for so much throughout the day that it ALWAYS needs charging (perhaps the aforementioned phone abuse doesn’t help with battery life) 9 – Painkillers.  Just in case.  I’d hate to be caught out at an important meeting with period pains or a banging headache.  10 – Headphones, because music can lift your mood, change your state and make your heart sing.  I also listen to a lot of audiobooks.  11 – A big stack of business cards, I’ve got to network baby!

Jennifer Hamley emerging designer shows us what is in her handbag
I always carry a book – or listen to audiobooks.

It’s been a fun mini project taking a look at my personality in this way, I’m looking forward to seeing what other ladies (and guys!) carry, so i’m on the lookout for volunteers. Would you share the contents of your handbag?  I’d love to feature you – leave a comment or drop me an email –  Jen@JenniferHamley.com.

Stay wonderful,

Jen xx



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